RTBAV LOGO Experts agree that the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the decision to refuse to be a victim. That means that you must have an overall personal safety strategy in place before you need it. To help you design your strategy SOFT is pleased to now include the NRA’s Refuse to Be a Victim program. Sign up now for the inaugural program on Oct 25th at Sharpshooters Range in Lorton, Va.

14 More Better Prepared!

Fourteen more people are now better able to recognize and avert potentially life threatening problems before they occur! So far SOFT has worked with over 200 individuals and groups better preparing them for the unexpected.

When you expect the unexpected doesn’t that make the unexpected expected?

Personal Protection Training

Mark your calendars for the weekend of Oct 25 – 26!!

Oct 25th Refuse to be a Victim.  Info.

Module I – Civilian Safety Awareness Program
Module II – Fight Back
Module III – Back off!


S.O.F.T. will be running a full day of personal protection training in Alexandria, Virginia!  Three separate te sessions will cover most aspects of personal defense with the morning devoted to situational awareness and augmented, unarmed defense.  The the afternoon hands on practice.

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The morning seminar is SABRE’s CSAP which teaches you how to avoid bad situations, and to safely use pepper spray to thwart an attacker. Click here for more information.


SESSION II–Fight Back 

No nonsense, reality based self defense. Learn basic, and some advanced techniques for countering chokes, and grabs. See, and practice ground escapes and learn to strike with force and use improvised weapons to defend yourself. Students receive a Travel Wrench Key Ring/Impact Tool and will be trained in how to use it in self defense. Click here for more info.


The next step after Fight Back.  This session offers real-world practice in a proven self-defense system.  Here you will learn and perfect counters to the most likely attacks and grabs.  Students will build muscle memory with repetitive, hand on instruction from experts.  Muscle memory will increase your ability to naturally react to dangerous situations without having to think about what do next!  Click here to learn more.

Sign up for Multiple sessions and save!

Sign up for two or more sessions and receive a 15% discount! Multi-family member discounts also available. Email

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